Awkward introduction 

*Waves* Heyy. So where do I start.. my name is Elaina . I have reached a moment in life where I have decided to make changes in my life and say fuck it ! Go for what I want. I wanted to start a blog so here we go.  I’ve always been that person that would watch everyone , watch YouTube for hours wishing it was me doing the fashion lookbooks and tutorials, but never investing any of that time in myself . Doing this will be a vulnerable experience. I think we all have moments where we don’t go for what we want because of other people’s ideas or thoughts. Now a days with social media being a major key comes alot of intimidation and self doubt because everyone is constantly paying attention to someone else. I’m officially saying fuck it . Fuck societys standards. You have to live your life for yourself . For me this will be the beginning . This blog will be based off fashion guidance , lookbooks, a little make up here and there , hair guidance, day to day life experiences , random shit and whatever else I want . You’re more than welcome to come along , the more the merrier . Thanks everyone – xoxo E ❤️ SN: I know I just rambled lol 


Anyone have a birthday coming up?

*Sneaks in* tries not be noticed . Heyyy guys!! So it’s definitely been way too long. I’m horrible I know , but I felt it was only right to make a spectacular comeback since it’s my birthday month and I had a couple looks to throw your way. *sidenote* Blogging is hard as fucckkkkk. Like literally . To be consistent to your dreams and your life that’s currently going nonstop regardless of what’s going on or how you feel…lawd it is ALOT. BUT KEEP PUSHING KEEP GOING! Shoutout to everyone thats tries and does it well and shoutout to the people like me that keep trying lol . You’re appreciated. It’s already hard to put effort in what you wear but to do it while depressed its literally magic..but if I can do it YOU CAN TOO! Anywhoooo. So today we are going to discuss my birthday dinner look for this year. I did a lot of last minute searching and shopping because I’m like that and I love options . Shockingly the only thing I had prepared were my shoes that I found months in advance and knew immediately they were the ones . You know that feeling when you’re just casually browsing passing time and you see something and literally refuse to leave the store without it. It was one of those moments . I was just chilling in DSW knowing damn well I didn’t need to be there and BOOM!! I came across a pair of Betsy Johnson sandals called Jamie $69.90, It was love at first sight. Months later I realized my birthday was around the corner and needed an actual outfit . After a long search I came across this lime green off the shoulder dress on pretty little things $38.00* great stuff for plus size* the fit was amazing and super comfy because y’all know I love my comfort ! *sz 18*and their prices are pretty good. To tie the look all together I added my checkered clutch from boohoo that I love sooo much . I hope you guys enjoy the look. SHOUTOUT TO MY LEOS♌️♌️❤️❤️


Today was a I don’t know day, but I knew I wanted to be relaxed . *as always*

Hey guys ! WELCOMEE  BACKK!  Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of February. Personally I’m ready for March, just so I know summer is getting closer * it’s still far away I know* and not having to worry about what jacket matches or what sweater to throw on just in case. Yesterady was one of those “iffy”days . It was super drowsy and humid with slight rain, and on top of that the temperature drastically changed back to being cold! UGHH it was sooo annoying, BUTTT..I couldn’t let that stop me from attempting to be cute on this ugly day.  Today called for a comfy look * as always* .  I decided to throw on a pair of basic black work out leggings purchased from Walmart , a black Champion T-shirt, faux leather jacket from ASOS plus *to spice it up a bit* , Carhartt beanie, and a pair of 998 New Balance, all paired with my checkered clutch from Boohoo.  If your ever looking for a pair of comfortable sneakers , I definitely recommend you go and purchase a pair of New Balance , they are great ! I walked around 3 different malls yesterday with no complaints ! *very rare lol* It’s safe to say you can look and feel extremely comfy and be fly at the same damn time !

Hope you guys have a great day 😉

-E ❤️

Valentine’s Day attire if you’re going on a date, going to work, or just want to look great and chill for the day. *plus size*

Soo guys, the day has finally come. The day we all love and some of us the day we dread at the same time …You know what I am referring to. Come on say it with me…VALENTINES DAY *insert the yaays* Yes the time has come already. I feel like personally the year has just started and already we are in the month of February, one of the months where you just don’t know what weather to dress for, rain, sleet, snow, a hurricane, maybe a tornado in the morning and a summer day by noon. It’s honestly a guessing game or like a big surprise every time you wake up to leave your home. I’m currently residing in Virginia so our weather here tends to be a little moody, so getting dressed for the day you can only imagine the struggle. But it’s VALENTINES DAY!! You either love it or hate it. This year I personally am not a fan. But I still want to wake up feeling sexy, beautiful and loved so I decided to give that to myself. This year Valentine’s Day will be all about self-appreciation for me. I want to appreciate and just take a moment to be in awe and amazement of myself and how great I am , how full my lips are , how curvy my body is , how I tall I am , how wide my hips are to how big my booty is and how I have a full head of wild hair . I am one luscious woman and today I am appreciating that. Now I personally don’t have a date or any plans except work, but you may have a great date you’re preparing for or maybe you’re going in to work too or doing both and just want to feel and look great. Here is the outfit I chose for the day! I decided to throw on my button up dress from Fashion Nova and pair it with my favorite oversized sweater since I knew later it was going to get chilly. Now for shoes , sometimes I am all about comfort so I chose to pair it with my CDG Converse *Im a sucker for a good sneaker* and to tie it all together, for a pop of color , I added my red clutch I purchased from target that I am a absolutely in-love with! Overall I just wanted to be able to relax and look great doing it. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !


XOXO-E ❤️❤️❤️

Dress- Fashion Nova size XL

Oversized sweater- American Apparel

Shoes- PLAY x converse hidden heart high top COMME DES GARÇONS

Bag- Target

How to rant 101 ..

Long time no write lol ..*waves*  heyyy.  Sooo lately I’ve been contemplating this whole blogging thing. I think we all sometimes second guess ourselves well at least I do, and that makes doing something even harder . Just being able to keep pushing through everyday and staying dedicated and focus with only positivity is hard AF. Blogging is hard AF . I’m just thinking to myself like “is this for me , am I gonna be good enough, will I be interesting enough??”. Overall I have come to the conclusion that I have to stop comparing myself to people who are literally not me and will never be me. We all have our own lives and dreams . They may be similar but it’s not yours, therefore it’s irrelevant . You’ll either like me love me or don’t and that’s okay too . You gotta just do it *nike ad voice* but yeah . Rant over , thanks for reading or whatevaa.                                    -E❤️​ ​​

Casually lazy (plus size edition) 

Hey guys !!! So today I woke up abruptly, had a lot of things to do for a Friday . I really didn’t plan out what to wear or even have the slightest idea as to what I wanted to wear. After browsing my same old options I came across some high waisted light denim knee ripped/distressed jeans . (Purchased from ASOS size 20) . Being plus size and pretty tall (5’8) it’s so hard to find jeans that fit decently without being too big or too tight in all the wrong areas. These jeans though…they are pretty good . I decided to throw them on and pair it with a tunic dress tucked in half way (also purchased from ASOS) and my Pharrell super color adidas , for a last minute tired have to run errands but be decent look lol!